Some would say the car you drive is a direct reflection of your personality. If that's the case and you see it that way, there's no way you plan to be stuck with a cookie-cutter vehicle that is just the same as so many others on the roadway. Car customization sure can be fun, but when it comes down to the brass text, car customization offers a lot of advantages. 

One of the first places to start making the vehicle you drive all your own is at the wheels. Customizing your vehicle from the ground up is easy, since there are so many different rim, wheel, and tire choices available, especially if you work with a cutting-edge supplier. Whether it's chromed out dropstar rims you want or flashy colored wheels, you should check out some of the advantages that come along with wheel customization. 

Stand Out from the Rest 

At the top of the list of advantages is one that cannot be ignored: custom wheels just give your car a touch of individual flair. Replacing the rims with a style that is off-beat from what the factory released the model with can give a car or truck a completely different personality. For example, if you take a typical Ford Taurus sedan (often deemed a family ride) and dress it up with new kickin rims, the car automatically exudes a different appeal. 

Changing out the rims makes a vehicle look good, but perhaps there is also value in a vehicle looking different. Your vehicle will be easier for you to pick out from a crowd in a parking lot and will even be easier to recognize as your vehicle in the eyes of onlookers. 

Boost the Value of Your Ride

Customized rides automatically gain clout in the marketplace. Car buyers love the idea of investing in a vehicle that is unique, so they will usually pay more for a car, truck, or SUV that has customized features even if it is just the rims and wheels that have been changed.

Rims are actually one of the least expensive ways to customize your vehicle, but you could easily add rims and boost the car's price tag because of it if you decide to sell. Unlike some add-ons, such as performance mufflers or body modifications, rims almost always enhance a car's value.

Enjoy a Smoother Ride

Did you know that how your car handles is directly relational to the size of rims you have on the car? If you think about it, this is logical. Rims that support tires with a higher sidewall put more cushioning between your vehicle and the road, which means you feel less bumps and ridges as the tires roll along. However, most vehicle manufacturers opt for handling quality over comfort, which means larger rims with short-walled tires are common.

Narrow sidewalls of tires do provide better handling, but just adding a little height can boost smoothness without compromising the handling of the vehicle to an excessive degree. Therefore, just trading in your large tire rims for a custom set that is slightly smaller, can make a huge difference in how smooth every rotation is against the pavement as you drive. Additionally, variances in weight with different rim types can make a difference in smoothness. 

Find the Wheels for Your Vehicle and Reap the Rewards

At the end of the day, the wheels of your vehicle should be carefully considered when you want the best in aesthetics and function. If you are looking for new rims and tires for your vehicle, reach out to us at Extreme Audio for help.